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You Gotta Love How Dolly Loves The Gays!

I'm sure that it's probably not surprising to hear that Dolly Parton supports equal marriage rights for same-sex couples, but it just warmed every last cockle in my heart to see that she feels a kinship with us homosexuals because, like us, Dolly knows how it feels to not be accepted in the "mainstream"--whatever the [bleep] that is.

In my humble opinion, Dolly & God have at least one thing in common: they both (using Dolly's words now) love everybody for who they are. Now that's what I call true Christianity!

Speaking of which, in the article linked above, Dolly gives her opinion on mega-church pastor Joel Osteen's contention that "homosexuality is not God's best," and she does it in her always-loving way.

You'd be absolutely correct to note that, physically speaking, Dolly is loaded up with plastic and silicone topped off with some great fake hair (I'm pretty sure she'd be the first to admit it), but that big ol' country heart of hers? As they might say down south, it's as genuine & as big as all get-out...even bigger than her tallest wig & her world-famous bosom! :-)


Dear Sister K,

I want you to know that I didn't take anything you said as an attack. You were making a valid point, and adding to the conversation, and (as Martha Stewart would say), "that's a good thing!" :-)

I completely see your point of view & I know that women are probably more aware of the built-in male bias in society at large than those of us who have "benefited" from that bias. I get that, as a full-fledged gay man (not sure what the difference between "full-fledged" and "not full-fledged" is...it just sounded appropriate :-), I don't see women the same way that the vast majority of men do, and I definitely don't know what it's like to be other the receiving end of objectification. I can't imagine that it's in the slightest flattering or positive. To the extent that my post made it seem as if I were condoning something that is basic anathema to me, I honestly apologize.

I found that, sometimes in life, it's not what you may mean by the words you use, it's how those words come across to others who may not know you well enough to know your intentions. I hope you know that MY intentions in this post were entirely honorable, and that the first thing I think of when I see Dolly is her big, beautiful smile...and what cool wig she is wearing this time! :-)

Anyway, thank you so much for the kind Christmas wishes. May I also send the same sincere wishes to you and to all those you love? Not just today, but every single day of the year! :-)

And blessings without end in 2010!

Mr. C (a.k.a. Clarence)
I'm laughing over the fully-fledged gay man vs. non-fully-fledged gay man thing. I dunno what it would mean, either, but you're right - it does sound appropriate. :)

I know you didn't mean any harm - no worries! Something just urged me to point it out. I think that way of talking about women is societal, so we don't necessarily notice it unless it's pointed out. Sometimes I have to point it out to myself - it's so ingrained! :p

New year's blessings to you, too, Clarence!


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