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Prop 8

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Prop 8 Trial Beginning Soon!

Below the cut in bold type is an email I have sent to some of my "real world" friends regarding the upcoming trial in California regarding the legality of Proposition 8.

I am posting it here because I wanted to make sure that as many people know about this, and take action on it as possible.

The email sent by the California Courage Campaign, an organization fighting AGAINST Prop 8, explains that the presiding judge in the case, Judge Vaughn Walker, is asking for input regarding whether or not the case should be televised. Apparently the pro-Prop 8 people do NOT want the case televised (can't imagine why???), and the Courage Campaign is trying to get as many people to sign their online petition as possible to convince the judge to make this trial & the process as transparent as possible. Below in italicized writing, I have included the comments I sent along with my electronic "signature" on the petition. The deadline for input regarding televising the case is this Friday, January 8.

Of course, if you felt lead to sign it, you don't need to include any comments, if you don't want to (basically your name, your email address and your ZIP code are the most important things for the petition), but if you DO send a note, I would personally advise against making any argument for or against Prop 8--that's not what this petition is about; it should be about the importance of televising & making as public as possible this most important case.

The email I sent with the California Courage Campaign's help:


Have you heard about the Prop 8 trial starting on Monday?

There is some urgent and important news about the trial. I just took action and hope you will join me.

U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker -- who will be overseeing a federal court challenge to Prop 8 starting this Monday (January 11) -- is considering whether or not to open the court room to TV cameras. The court just announced that it is seeking public comment on the proposal to televise the trial -- and that all comments must be submitted to the court by a Friday deadline.

We have just this one chance to make our voices heard -- thousands of Americans calling for equality, transparency and accountability. That's why the Courage Campaign Institute is teaming up with CREDO Action to collect as many signatures as possible asking Judge Walker to televise the case.

I just signed a letter, asking Judge Walker to televise the Prop 8 trial. Will you join me? They need your signature by FRIDAY at 9 a.m.

Click here to electronically sign the petition being delivered to Judge Walker.

If you know other people who believe this trial should be televised as well, please forward this message to them. On Friday, Courage and CREDO will hand-deliver all of our signatures to Judge Vaughn Walker before the deadline.

Thank you so much!

My comments:

I don't live in California, but the decision made there will affect me & other Americans all across the nation. There is no good reason why this very important case should NOT be open to ANY American or ANY person interested in how our government & legal system work. This is a case involving the rights of citizens who feel they have been singled out for punishment by dint of majority vote seeking redress of their grievances, and it is not just the fair thing to do to have the world hear each side defend their stance; it is the RIGHT thing.

Please, Judge Walker, allow this most important case to be televised, so that the world may bear witness to American jurisprudence in action.




November 2010

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